Help Build A Better World 22nd April

Help Build A Better World
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A chance to support your favourite charity without it costing you money.

Help Build A Better World. Richard Irwin and Sheer Joy Music are collaborating on a new single “A Better World” to be released for Earth Day 2021. Sung by Kinvara Jenkins.

There are too many deserving causes in the world today and we cannot give money to all of them, so we have come-up with a way of raising money for charities across the world which should not cost you a penny, but which allows you to raise money just by listening to a song and sharing it with friends. Our initial target is to get 1 million plays.

Please complete the form below and help us choose the right charities. We will not use your information for any other purpose.

An extract from A Better World sung by Kinvara Jenkins due for release around the world on all major streaming platforms on 22nd April 2021. Words by Colin Gordon Farleigh and Colin Gordon-Farleigh & Sandy Smolen. Music by Richard M.S. Irwin & David Simkins.

Help us build a better world by suggesting your charity in the form below.

Please enter an email address so we can let you know which charities we have chosen and more details of the release of A Better World.
Please enter your favourite charity to whom we can donate the royalties from "Better Word". We expect to choose around 5 charities in total that are associated with sustainability and regeneration. So please suggest your favourite.