Help Build A Better World – Earth Day Video Competition

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A chance for a new video artist to make their mark.

Richard Irwin and Sheer Joy Music are collaborating on a new single “A Better World” to be released for Earth Day 2021. We are looking for a videographer to produce a music video to accompany the song which reflects the core message of the lyrics: that we can all work together to save our planet.

To apply, please produce a 30 second demo prompted by the following lyrics:


Plastics in the ocean,
And poisons in the air,
There’s is a better way –
We can all do our share.
If we’re to save the Earth,
Believe me there is time,
We will create a better world
For those we leave behind.


A better way, a better world!
A better road to take.
We journey on! The journey’s long!
It’s a better world we’ll make.

The winner will be awarded £250 to create the full music video for Better World which will be sung by an established artist and distributed through all major music channels.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All material should be original and not taken from the internet without appropriate permission and licence(s) where required. These, if applicable, would be for the expense of the videographer.
  • No entry will be accepted after 23:59 on Sunday 15th November 2020.
  • All images/clips used to make the video must comply with the requirements of YouTube with regard to content.
  • The prize for the winning video is £250 which will be paid 7 days after uploading to YouTube, thus ensuring that there will be no copyright claims against any material used.
  • Copyright for the finished video will belong to Colin Gordon-Farleigh representing Sheer Joy Music, and the videographer will cede copyright accordingly.